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Bicycle Rider Holding Balloons
abstract landscape art Fine art takes many forms, from landscape paintings to abstract shapes scattered on a canvas.  The term "fine art" refers to artistic expression that is intended for aesthetic enjoyment rather than utility or commercial gain.  The diverse mediums used to create art objects in this broad category range from pencils, oil paints, pastels, and watercolors to more exotic and newer materials such as silkscreens and computer art programs.

Fine art originals, prints, and collectibles are often treated as investments that may bring high prices at an auction.  However, their value is often sentimental as well, and these pieces may remain with their owner for a lifetime.  Indeed, most fine art print collections begin with a few pieces that really stand out to their buyers and attract them emotionally.

Previously available only to galleries or the wealthy elite, fine art became accessible to a broader market during the 20th century.  Besides the lower cost of etchings, watercolors, and engravings, this was also due to the availability of fine art prints.  This trend enabled middle-class art collectors to establish their own art collections.

red poppies oil painting Traditionally, fine art prints, or original prints, are not just printed reproductions of original artwork.  A fine art print is an original work of art.  The artist creates an image using a printmaking technique such as a woodcut or an etching.  Ink is applied to the surface of the final art, and an impression or print is made when the inked surface is transferred to paper.  The print is usually part of a limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.  Included in a limited edition issue may be a small number of artist's proofs.  These pieces may be saved by the artist for personal use or offered for sale after all others in the limited edition are sold.

Original works of art are often reproduced by art studios, ateliers, or print shops using a lithographic or digital printing process.  Today, these are also sold as fine art prints.  Giclee prints are high-end reproductions of original art that are produced using a digital source to copy the artwork, and then printed on high-quality ink jet printers using archival inks and papers.  This printing is more costly than the four-color offset lithography process, but it enables the artist to prepare the image digitally and print limited copies over time rather than printing the larger runs required by a printing press.

fine art print Reproductions can also be made using a canvas transfer, which looks almost like an original painting on canvas.  At many art shops, staff artists add handpainted accents to these prints, further contributing to their original appearance.  The resulting fine art prints are often matted and framed for a finished look.  Custom frames in various styles and finishes can set off a piece while integrating it into its intended setting in a home or business.  Fine art photography is often sold in limited editions or displayed in a gallery as well.  It may be matted and framed, and it can also be transferred to canvas.

Although a trained eye can distinguish between an original artwork and a reproduction, fine art prints are economical alternatives to high priced originals for many homes and offices.  A well-chosen piece can create a mood, enhance an architectural or interior design style, or provide an eye-catching focal point.  Please feel free to browse through the online art galleries and frame shops listed below.  On these web sites, you will find an extensive selection of fine art prints and art reproductions as well as framed art and art posters.

Art Print and Framed Art Studios (Featured Links)

    Offers a selection of prints and posters from famous artists.
  • Deck The Walls
    Source of fine art prints, office art, and custom picture framing.
    Decorate with photography from Getty Images™ as printed and framed wall art.
    Offers framed art reproductions and limited edition art prints.

Fine Art Prints and Art Galleries

  • Barewalls
    Barewalls offers museum art, contemporary art, framed art and photography.
  • Thomas Kinkade
    Find art prints from one of America's well-known artists.  Kinkade credited the Lord for both the ability and the inspiration to create his paintings.
  • Staples Fine Art
    This Virginia-based giclee atelier is a leading fine art printmaking studio that features museum-quality giclee reproductions, original digital art prints and archival image libraries.
  • Crimson Atelier
    This Pennsylvania-based atelier features many years of experience in fine art printing and publishing of lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, serigraphs and giclee.
  • The Old Print Shop
    The Old Print Shop specializes in vintage American art, antique maps, contemporary photography and art reference books.

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Figures on the Beach, by Auguste Renoir
Figures on the Beach - Auguste Renoir, 1890